Eyelash Lifts vs Eyelash Extensions: Choosing the Perfect Lash Enhancement

April 17, 2024

What is an Eyelash lift?

An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances the natural curl of your lashes, giving them a lifted and more voluminous appearance. During the session, our skilled technicians use a gentle perming solution to lift and curl your lashes from the root, creating a wide-eyed, youthful look that lasts for weeks.

What are the benefits of an eyelash lift?

Natural look.

Eyelash lifts enhance your natural lashes, giving them a subtle curl that opens up your eyes without the need for mascara or eyelash extensions.

Low maintenance.

Unlike eyelash extensions, which require regular touch-ups, eyelash lifts require minimal maintenance and upkeep, making them ideal for busy individuals.

Long-lasting results.

With proper care, eyelash lifts can last for 6-8 weeks, providing you with beautiful, lifted lashes that stand the test of time.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic fibres that are meticulously bonded to your natural lashes to create longer, fuller lashes. Our experienced technicians customise the extensions to suit your desired look, whether you prefer a natural, wispy effect or bold, dramatic lashes.

What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?


Eyelash extensions offer endless possibilities for customisation, allowing you to choose the length, curl, and thickness of your lashes to achieve your desired look.

Instant results.

Unlike eyelash lifts, which require a perming solution to set, eyelash extensions provide instant results, giving you long, voluminous lashes from the moment you leave the salon.


Whether you're attending a special event or simply want to enhance your everyday look, eyelash extensions are versatile enough to complement any style or occasion.

Choosing the right option for you

Factors to consider

Natural lash condition. If you have naturally long and healthy lashes, an eyelash lift may be sufficient to enhance your look. However, if your lashes are sparse or short, eyelash extensions may provide the added volume and length you desire.

Lifestyle. Consider your lifestyle and daily routine when choosing between eyelash lifts and extensions. If you lead an active lifestyle or prefer minimal maintenance, an eyelash lift may be more suitable. However, if you enjoy the versatility and glamour of eyelash extensions, they may be the perfect choice for you.

Budget. While both eyelash lifts and extensions are relatively affordable compared to other beauty treatments, eyelash extensions typically require more frequent touch-ups, which can impact your overall budget.

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