Our massage treatments are designed to help relieve stress and provide a relaxing experience, leaving you stress free and feeling restored. We also offer Swedish Massages and Deep Tissue Massages.


Our massage treatments are designed to help relieve stress and provide you with a sense of wellbeing.

We offer Swedish Massage, Ayurvedic massage and Deep Tissue Massages.

In our dedicated holistics room we want to provide you a relaxing experience, helping to ease those knots, promote health and sleep, reduce stress and take you away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is made up of a number of different techniques to promote healing, encourage blood flow, speed up waste drainage and stimulates multiple hormones allowing you to feel happy and positive. Swedish massage is available is suitable for all pressures and as a full body treatment (excluding stomach) or just simply a back neck & shoulder.

Ayurvedic massage

Using herbal warm oils this holistic massage focuses on not only the body’s physical stress but emotional stresses too. This ultimate relaxation treatment helps to balance the mind, stimulate energy points, release tension and encourage lymphatic drainage. This massage generally consists of a comfortable pressure and is performed by selected therapists.

Deep tissue

Our deep tissue massage will typically focus on your main areas of concern and discomfort. Deep pressure can ease aching and tight muscles, help with chronic pain, help with postural faults and ease stiffness. Our deep tissue massage is only available for the back and neck and Available with selected therapists only.

The Benefits…

Our full body and back massage is a type of massage therapy to help ease tensed muscles or even just simply to calm and switch off the mind.

Reduce Stress

Our daily lives often contain a lot of running around to fulfil any duties we have, resulting in little time for a little ‘me’ time. Our hot stone massage helps you relax and release any built up stress you may have.

Ease muscle tension

As a result of built up stress, our muscles can often tighten leaving you feeling tight and achy. The different hand movements help loosen any muscle tension helping to increase flexibility.

Promote sleep

Feeling stressed and tense can often lead to irregular or broken sleep patterns. Our massage treatment can help relieve any stress and tension, resulting in a better nights sleep.

Gift Vouchers

A massage can make for the perfect gift to treat a family or friend. For more information on our gift vouchers, contact us to enquire.

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