Waxing is a form of temporary hair removal that works by removing the hair from the root. Dependent on individual hair growth, the treatment is expected to last between four to six weeks.

Professionally trained

Here at HB Boutique, all of our therapists are professionally trained and have the expertise to wax with precision and care. It’s important that the wax is the right temperature before being applied to the skin and is removed effectively to avoid any burns to the skin, especially when it comes to sensitive skin.

In comparison to other hair removal treatments, waxing is longer lasting leaving you hair free from four to six weeks and continuous treatment can help reduce encourage softer skin growth. Whilst it’s not completely pain free, it is an effective method at removing hair from a large surface area at one time, meaning the treatment is quick and helps reduce chances of any missed hair growth.

Preparing for your treatment

For the most effective finish, ensure hair growth is 0.5cm to 1cm (length of a rice grain). This helps reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs forming.

It is important to follow all aftercare provided from your therapist.

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